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Specialized training courses in the field of libraries to non-specialists and specialists Librarian.

  • Human Resources.
  • Archiving Courses.
  • Archiving Auto System.
  • Cataloging and classification.
  • Authority Files.
  • Collection Development.
  • Marc Format.
  • Subject analysis.
  • E-Reference Services.
  • Information Retrieval.
  • Digital library.

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Upcoming Training Courses

A training workshop on " cognitive integration initiatives in libraries and knowledge institutions "

In the period from April 28 until May 1, 2014

Workshop held in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

What nose rapid pace of development web casts a shadow on the field of library and information science , to show many of the initiatives to invest in their possession all of the web from the balance of my information is modernity and novelty , and owned by libraries and institutions of knowledge of the balance of cognitive characterized by authenticity , reliability and structural , in order to achieve integration opportunities on the level of knowledge knowledge Integration.

The most important of these initiatives - which have been employed in the field of library and information science - at the initiative of the Semantic Web The Semantic Web and Data Initiative Association The Linked Data Initiative conceptual models The FRBR Family, and the initiative of the frame Bibliographic The BIBFRAME which has built bridges of communication and integration between libraries and research tools Aluibih various search engines and objective evidence and other tools of the search for knowledge , and on the Company seeks knowledge pioneer to provide the first scientific workshop in the field dealing with the study process these initiatives and aspects of its investment in the specialty libraries and knowledge institutions , and most techniques used in this framework, and highlights practices trial at the international level.


The workshop aims to provide opportunities for scientific recognition and hands-on training to the participants on :

    1. - the initiative of the third generation of the Web " Semantic Web The Semantic Web" and the most prominent features and features and techniques , and the differences between him and his previous generations (XML - RDF - OWL).
    2. - Data Initiative Association The Linked Data and the most important features and techniques employed in the context (URI - SPARQL).
    3. - The FRBR Family initiative in bibliographic community , and its most important and formative elements (FRBR - FRAD - FRSAD).
    4. - aspects of investment and employment of these initiatives in libraries and knowledge institutions ( digital libraries semantic DLIBRA - Fihras bibliographic Association LIBRIS - the integration of search and retrieval OCLC linked data).
    5. - hands-on setting bibliographic formats used in these initiatives ( formula BIBFRAME).
    6. - to build an experimental model for each of the ( digital library Tag - records BIBFRAME - Links between the index and the Google search engine ) .

Target group:

  1. - Specialist Libraries and Information ( catalogers - quality control - official information services ).
  2. - programmers and developers of automated systems for libraries and information centers.
  3. - Specialist management of digital content.
  4. - researchers and academics in the field of library and information.

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